Need a Relay for Energy Meter? Latching Relay is Proven to be the Best for Smart Meters

Are you looking for a reliable and cost effective relay for an energy meter? Industrial Spacetek (ISTEK) could be the ideal source of power relay for your smart meter business.

As a specialist latching relay provider, many of ISTEK's customers are energy meter manufacturers.

Modern power meter manufacturers are shifting their focus from traditional energy meters to smart meters. This is because smart meters become more and more important in the big plan of smart grids and smart cities.

Modern Smart Meters Rely on Latching Relays for Timed Tariff Switch, Prepayment and Remote Disconnect...

Bistable latching relay has been proven to be the perfect fit for smart meters. Magnetic latching relay as the key component in a smart meter can meet all performance requirements.

For example, the relay for energy meter purpose is required to enable timed tariff switch and pre-payment, facilitate load management, as well as carry-out remote disconnect...

Through the years of close co-operation with energy meter manufacturers, our latching relay engineers deeply understand the needs of those smart meter manufacturers.

Our electric meter relay products are always designed and made to deliver the desired performances for smart meters.

Relays with Outstanding features and performances for modern smart meters

Our energy meter relay series are specifically made to cater for the requirements of smart meters, typical features include:

  • Compact in size
  • Low cost and very competitive price
  • Pulse coil driven with negligible energy consumption
  • Choices of single and dual coils
  • Very low temperature rise and minimal coil heat
  • Magnetic immunity and anti-tempering
  • Long mechanical and electrical life
  • Single phase models and polyphase models (with double-pole and three-pole relays available)
  • Wide range of contact current ratings (20A to 150A)
  • Meeting various international standards (e.g. UC3 at 277Vac)
  • Customised assemblies with stranded wires, brass terminals, CTs, shunts and even meter cases

ISTEK Supplies wide range of latching relay for smart metersCustomised Latching Relays for Energy Meters

Wide range of latching relay products available for energy meters

To meet various needs from energy meter manufacturers, ISTEK makes available a full range of latching relays.

Customers can choose any of our relay products to meet their particular requirements. We can also co-develop with meter companies on customised relay assemblies.

Need Latching relays for Single Phase or Polyphase Smart Meters?

  • SPST energy meter relay series - including the popular R104B 90A 277VAC 12 VDC relay (can be both DC or AC pulse driven and often used by meter companies on 60A electric meters ).
  • DPST Smart Meter Relays - including very small sized 20A 250VAC 2-phase latching relay R201-20A 250VAC
  • Three phase latching relay for energy meter - including R303 120A 250VAC 3-Phase 12VDC single coil or double coils relay (popularly used by energy meter companies on 100A or 120A smart meters)

Three Phase ISTEK 100A and 120A Latching Relay and CT Assembly for Smart Energy MeterThree Phase ISTEK 120A Latching Relay and CT Assembly for Smart Energy Meter

To find out more about the product availability and customised assembly options, contact us now.

Need to deal with tempering and energy theft issues?

ISTEK provides a series of latching relay with magnetic protection shields. They can effectively protect the relay from being tampered by external magnets.

These anti-tampering energy meter relays can operate properly in very strong magnetic fields from 300mt up (e.g. R103-80A Relay with shield) to 500mt (e.g. R104 -100A Relay with Shield).

If you need more information on these anti-tampering series, just let us know.

Need a latching relay with the specific current rating designed for your smart meter?

Most of the popular contact ratings are available from ISTEK, they include:

To find out more on the extremely competitive prices and/or product technical information, contact us now.

Need a latching relay for energy meter fully assembled with shunt and/or current transformer?

Our energy meter relays are often supplied with full assemblies. The assembled relay sets usually include braided copper wires, brass terminals, shunt resistors and / or current transformers (CTs).

We often assemble CTs  according to customer's requirements for accurate current measurement. They include MCTs and DCTs - some of them come with DC immunity. 

ISTEK-HTLW-R107-120A Latching Relay and VAC CT Assembly for Smat Energy MetersCustomised Latching Relay and CT Assembly for Smart Energy Meter

While many of our customers specify a particular brand of CTs for us to use (e.g.  VAC - VACCUMSCHMELZE), some customers want us to recommend locally made CTs for their relay assemblies. Hence, we have selected some CTs for you to choose together with the relay for energy meter. Please refer to this product datasheet for´╗┐ the CTs for energy meters available through ISTEK.

Magnetic Latching Relay Assemblies for Smart Energy Meters with CTs,Shunts, Copper Wires and Brass Terminals.

Contact us to discuss more about the possible relay assemblies for your energy meters.

Need a latching relay for energy meter to meet the standards set by a regional market?

We have series of electric meter relay designed for different parts of the world:

  • Latching relays for the developing countries - e.g. anti-tampering relays that can operate in up to 500mt magnetic field
  • Latching relays for smart meters used in EU markets - e.g. UC3 certified 120A at 277Vac
  • UC3 compliant latching relays with overcurrent endurance increased from 6KA to 7KA - meeting the requirement for Australia and New Zealand
  • Latching relays for smart meters used in North American and Japanese markets - with higher current ratings. For example our very small sized 150A (R107-150A-250VAC) has been used by customers in these regions on high current (120A and above) energy meters. 

Simply contact us if you want to find out the price information of a specific relay for energy meter.

You may also tell us (via the form below) if you want to organize a couple of sample relays for the latest smart meter projects.

If you need a latching relay with special requirements that can not be met by any existing relays, just let us know. Our engineers would co-operate with you and develop a customised relay assembly for you.

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80A 250VAC smart meter latching relay


60A 250VAC smart meter latching relay


60A to 80A 250VAC magnetic latching relay for energy meters


60A to 100A 250VAC latching relay with class 0.1 CT for smart meters


60A to 80A 250VAC latching relay for energy meter


60A to 80A 250VAC anti-tampering relay for energy meter

        HTLW-R103E-80A            Anti-tampering

60A to 100A 250VAC latching relay for power meters


80A to 100A 250VAC latching relay with magnet protection for energy meter

        HTLW-R104A-100A          Anti-tampering

80A to 100A 250VAC latching relay for energy meters


60A to 90A 250VAC latching relay for smart meter


60A to 90A latching relay with magnetic protection for energy meters

        HTLW-R105B_90A           Anti-tampering

120A 277VAC UC3 Certified Latching Relay with 7000A overcurrent endurance for High End Smart Meters

   HTLW-R107_120A   277Vac UC3 7KA Overcurrent

80A to 100A 250VAC Latching Relay for Energy Meter

HTLW-R108A_80A-100A Capacitive Load

80A - 100A 250VAC Latching Relay with Long Electrical Life

HTLW-R108C_80A-100A Capacitive Load

Two Phase Latching Relay 12VDC 20A

   DPST-R201-20A_30A         2-Phase Latching Relay

Two Phase DPST Latching Relay 100A-120A

 DPST-R203-100A_120A 2-Phase Latching Relay

DPST 200A Latching Relay for Energy Meters

  DPST-R205-200A         2-Phase Latching Relay

Two Phase DPST Latching Relay 100A - 120A for Capacitive Load

DPST-R211-100A_120A 2-Phase for Capacitive Load

Three Phase Latching Relay 100A - 120A for Energy Meters

HTLW-R301_100A-120A 3-Phase Latching Relay

Three Phase Latching Relay 60A - 80A 250VAC for Smart Meters

HTLW-R302A_60A-80A 3-Phase Latching Relay

Three Phase Latching Relay 60A - 80A for Energy Meter

HTLW-R302B_60A-80A 3-Phase Latching Relay

Three Phase Latching Relay 60A - 80A with anti-tampering for Energy Meters

HTLW-R302C-60A_80A 3-Phase Anti-tampering

Three Phase Latching Relay 100A - 120A 250VAC for Smart Meters

HTLW-R303A_100A-120A 3-Phase Latching Relay

Anti-tampering Three Phase Latching Relay 100A - 120A for Energy Meter

HTLW-R303B_100A-120A 3-Phase Anti-tampering